Wednesday Night Basketball Boys BB AWAY v. South Lakes, 7:30 pm Tipoff! Good luck Rebels!
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  • Boys Varsity Basketball - Madison HS Loss - Score: 39-60
  • Boys Varsity Basketball - South Lakes HS Win - Score: 64-46 -
  • Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Washington-Lee HS Win - Score: 63-28
  • Girls Freshman Basketball vs. Washington & Lee HS Loss - Score: 23-33
  • Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Washington-Lee HS Win - Score: 50-47 -
  • Boys JV Basketball vs. Washington-Lee HS Loss - Score: -
  • Boys Freshman Basketball vs. Washington-Lee HS Loss - Score: 40-44
  • Boys Varsity Basketball vs. McLean HS Win - Score: 57-48 -
  • Girls Varsity Basketball vs. McLean HS Loss - Score: 38-46
  • Boys JV Basketball vs. McLean HS Loss - Score: -

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2017 Mulch Sale Underway! See our flyer.

2017 Mulch Sale Underway!! See our flyer.

As Kalvin V said in the locker room after the game, "Kwanzaa came early this year!"  Kwanzaa (his given name) "Big Wheel" (his other "given" name) Hogan, continued h...

Tryout Information -   Tryout Expectations Meeting - Wednesday 15th 3:30pm - Room H106 ‚ÄčAll students must meet VHSL academic requirements in order to be eligible to participate in

After tonight's battle Little Tyke needs a new moniker.  Advised before the game to give it his all in his likely final appearance at Laing Igloo, he did just that: diving on the fl...

Amidst the threat of a strike by the brotherhood of scorekeepers, which was only averted when union leadership realized that their efforts would hardly be missed, as the team wasn't scoring very m...

Reprising his role as Dr. Manette in the Off-Broadway cult hit A Tale of Two Halves, Mahmood Kanu, supported by KC Colbert in the role of Jarvis Lorry, almost led the Rebels to their second consecutiv...

C'mon now, you have to admit that last night's game was worth the price of admission.  Of course, I say that about every game, but even those of you who had to pay to get in have to admit...

Obama didn't show up on his way out, Trump didn't show up on his way in (maybe they thought the game was a usual Friday nighter instead of a referee association-friendly Thursday), the Rebels ...

Wasn't it Yogi Berra who said something like "It gets late a lot earlier than it used to"?  Maybe it was Yogi Bear, I don't know.  In any event, it's still early but it...

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