Try-Out Information

Posted on: Monday, February 08, 2016

Try-outs will be over the three day period at the beginning of the season (February 22-24).  Players will be notified of cuts at the end of the try-out period.  Cuts will be made on a necessity basis based upon several factors.  These include the following:

1) Playing ability (Includes court positioning, basic strokes, knowledge of the rules of tennis, etc.)

2) Coachability

3) Court space and availability

4) Future playing potential

Try-outs will consist of drills to test basic skills and in-game situational knowledge.  Ground strokes and serving ability are an emphasis of try-outs.  Try-outs will consist of three 1-1.5 hour sessions at either Fairfax Racquet Club or Fairfax High School tennis courts based upon weather and condition of the outdoor courts.  Players should provide their own racquet, proper tennis shoes (required), and athletic wear for tennis.  Items that are forbidden include: jeans/cut-off shorts, muscle shirts, clothing with vulgar language or sayings, dress shoes or non-rubber soled shoes.  Players must provide their own transportation to and from try-outs and each practice thereafter.

Lettering Requirements

Posted on: Monday, February 08, 2016

A player must appear in a regular season varsity match (either singles or doubles) over the course of the year.